Western Wayne Family Health Centers is your medical home. We provide high quality, affordable care to all—whether or not you have health insurance, no matter how old you are or where you live. Our primary care, OB/GYN, dental, behavioral health services, as well as immunizations, school & sports physicals, health education and prevention programs are open to everyone.

We are a FTCA deemed facility.

WWFHC Now Has 3 Locations: Inkster: 313 561 5100 | Taylor: 734 941 4991 | Lincoln Park: 313 383 1897

Family Health Centers

Primary Care

WWFHC has physicians and nurse practitioners who can take care of people of all ages…from newborns to seniors. Our providers specialize in internal medicine, family practice, adult medicine and pediatrics. We have the right person to take care of you!

Family Health Centers


WWFHC takes care of women’s health needs for all ages. From birth control to prenatal care and delivery, cancer screenings, treatment of infections to menopause care, trust our doctors, nurse midwives and nurse practitioners for all your OB/GYN care.

Affordable Insurance

Behavioral Health

WWFHC is an innovator with our integrated behavioral health service model. We have social workers who can help you to make changes to improve your physical and mental health, as well as therapists for counseling for everyone, including children.


Dental Care

Our dental clinics do teeth cleaning, X-rays, fillings, extractions, dentures and emergency dental evaluations for children and adults. We accept all dental insurance plans, including Medicaid.

Recent News

Meet Dr. Treado. He is our new Pediatrician at our Lincoln Park center. We have appointments often on the same or next day to see him or any of our great kids’ doctors–Dr. Jackson, Dr. Kohli, Dr. Sarker and now Dr. Treado. We’ve got your children’s health covered at all 3 locations. You can also bring your child to another location if you need care on a day when there isn’t an openining at the center you usually use, or there is no doctor there. Call today! Inkster 313.561.5100; Taylor 734.941.4991 or Lincoln Park 313.383.1897.

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Michigan Primary Care Association

Make a few calls for us, please? Do your part to protect funding to America’s community health centers. You can do at night. Please call!

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Health Center Advocacy Network

Patients, Community Partners & Supporters – we want to let you know that without Congressional action before September 30th, funding that supports WWFHC will be cut by 70%. This would be a devastating blow to our beloved Health Center – one that could lead to site closures, reduced access to care for our patients, and possibly even staff layoffs. We are among 1400 Health Centers nationwide that are facing what is called the Health Center Funding Cliff – if Congress fails to act to fix the cliff, 9 million patients could lose access to care, including our 15,515+patients.. Please help us ask Congress to TAKE ACTION to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff immediately – there are lives at stake! You can take action easily here – please raise your voice for America’s Health Centers/Western Wayne Family Health Centers. Please share! http://www.hcadvocacy.org/takeaction

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New Class at WWFHC starts 10/3. Eat Smart, Live Strong is presented by our friends at the MSUI Extension. Sign up today, sounds like a great class for anyone who wants to improve their wellness.

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