Western Wayne Family Health Centers is always accepting applications for the following positions: Customer Service Representative-Scheduler; Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Dental Billing Clerk, Medical Billing Clerk and LPN. (See job descriptions below.) Applicants should have at least 2 years experience in an out-patient practice and have worked with electronic medical records systems. To apply to join our team, please send your resume and cover letter to:

Customer Service Representative – Scheduler is responsible for a variety of front office tasks relating to the efficient provision of medical services at WWFHC. These activities include appointment scheduling, patient intake, fee calculation and collection, electronic and manual filing, accurate chart preparation and updating, maintaining and balancing a cash drawer, insurance applications and verification, applying appropriate codes and checking out patients, answering phone calls, and other duties as assigned by supervision.

Dental Assistant provides dental care to patients. The work involves chair-side assistance, preparation of restorative materials and medications, sterilization of dental instruments, laboratory work, patient scheduling, and record keeping. The position must provide appropriate dental care instruction and patient education in accordance with appropriate procedures and accepted practices.

Medical Assistant is responsible for a variety of medical related tasks in support of the work of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners. These duties include, but are not limited to: preparation of exam rooms and electronically updating patient charts, preparing patient for visit with provider, scheduling patient appointments, taking and documenting vitals, assisting with exams, assisting with procedures, follow-up with patients providing instruction and education to patient, maintenance of logs, processing orders from the provider, inputting results of tests and labs in charts, making referrals, providing and documenting immunizations, providing backup coverage for Front Desk duties as needed and other duties as assigned by the Nurse and Medical practitioners.

The Dental Billing Clerk is responsible for collecting, posting and managing account payments. Dental Billers are responsible for activities including submitting claims and following up with insurance companies and a variety of tasks that are assigned. Three or more years experience and associates degree preferred, knowledge of Dentrix a plus.

The Medical Billing Clerk is responsible for a variety of billing tasks relating to the efficient provision of medical services at WWFHC. These activities include batch reports, billing reports, encounter coding, claims submissions, error corrections, and other duties as assigned by the Accountant. Associates degree and 3 plus years experience in medical billing or coding preferred, knowledge of SuccessEHS or other EMR billing system preferred.

LPN, in coordination with the provider(s), functions as a direct resource for patients coordinating services with other medical facilities and hospitals for complete care. Assists the Quality Coordinator, with the on-going assessment of the effectiveness of the medical program and reviews and revises policies and procedures. As a LPN, provide leadership and supervision on the floor to support Medical Assistant staff. Current licensure required, and experience in out patient primary care practice and EMR knowledge preferred.



Position Description: Therapist

Reports To: Chief Operating Officer
Purpose: Responsible for providing individual, group and family therapy, the therapist participates in interdisciplinary treatment planning by developing an annual comprehensive psychosocial assessment and crisis intervention consultation. Provides individual and family counseling, makes referrals to external services, makes referrals for internal psychiatric services, and assists clients in identifying resources to meet their needs.


1. Provides individual, group and family therapy.

2. Participates in interdisciplinary treatment planning.

3. Develops an annual comprehensive psychosocial assessment.

4. Provides crisis intervention consultation to all members of the team.

5. Participates in the peer-review process for the therapist

6. Provides pre-screening for depression, anxiety and other psychological disorders.

7. Conducts individual and family counseling sessions with clients.

8. Diagnose for psychological disorders.

9. Conducts psycho-social assessment

10. Provides case management

11. Assists clients as they apply for health insurance

12. Contacts social service agencies on behalf of clients to obtain services

13. Makes referrals to other agencies and psychiatrist as appropriate.

14. Manages patient appointments

15. Schedule patients with psychiatrist and preps patient chart for visit

16. Prepares documentation for patient files

17. Completes electronic charting in EMR.

18. Attends circle of care meetings

19. Completes superbills, electronic billing.

20. Completes patient charts.




  1. Customer Relations:
    1. Treats guests, patients, physicians, and other employees with care, courtesy, and respect.
    2. Responds quickly and appropriately to customer request.
    3. Looks for and suggests ways to better meet customer needs.
    4. Answers clinic communications systems promptly and with courtesy and respect.


  1. Teamwork:
    1. Works cooperatively within own department and other areas.
    2. Willingly accepts additional responsibility – tries to make others job easier.
    3. Responds quickly to request for assistance.
    4. Required to work closely with patients and associates.
    5. Interacts with other departments on problem issues.
    6. Accepts feedback from patients, visitors, clinic employees, physicians and general public.


  1. Continuous Improvement:
    1. Continuously looks for and suggests ways to improve.
    2. Effectively completes assignment to achieve the greatest benefits at acceptable cost.
    3. Implements improvements as appropriate.
    4. Demonstrates interest in own growth and development by:

i. Periodically evaluating own performance.

ii. Demonstrating an awareness of personal abilities and limitations.

iii. Independently seeking means to make improvements.

    1. Attends and participates in in-services and continuing education programs
    2. Attends departmental meetings.
  1. Communications:
    1. Keeps appropriate people informed.
    2. Speaks and writes clearly, concisely, and appropriately for need.
    3. Listens carefully.
    4. Communicates tactfully.
    5. Understands that all confidentiality and privacy considerations are respected and fostered at work and off duty.


  1. Self -Management:
    1. Presents a positive image of Western Wayne Family Health Centers at all times.
    2. Carries out assignments with little need for direction.
    3. Timeliness.
    4. Maintains confidentiality.
    5. Provides proper notification of absence and tardiness.
    6. Works weekends and shifts when necessary.




1. Any fully licensed mental health professional, (i.e., LMSW, LPC) to provide mental health and/or behavioral health services in the State of Michigan with a minimum of two years experience.

2. Limited Licensed Mental Health Professional who are in the process of obtaining full licensure within 3 months. *Documentation is needed upon interview.




1. Knowledge of health care administration systems.

2. Knowledge of governmental regulations and reimbursement requirements.

3. Knowledge of computer, systems, and applications.

4. Skilled in planning, organizing and supervising patient care.

5. Skilled in exercising initiative, judgment, problem-solving, decision making.

6. Skilled in developing and maintaining effective relationships with medical and administrative staff, patients and the general public

7. Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and knowledge of other Microsoft Office programs

8. Skilled with working in a complex work environment

9. Ability to maintain confidentiality at all times and maintain organizationally appropriate relationships

10. Knowledge of organization policies and procedures.


Working Conditions

Jobs are located in a federally qualified health care facility.

Exposure to diseases and illnesses may be inherent in the work place.

Physical Requirements