At Western Wayne Family Health Centers, we want to be your medical home. Having a primary care provider who takes care of you when you are well for yearly checkups is just as important as going to the doctor when you are sick. We have primary care providers (doctors and nurse practitioners) who take care of people of all ages—birth through the end of life.

We also offer prenatal and OB care for pregnant women and care for new babies. WWFHC does general medical care (internal medicine, family practice and pediatrics) as well as OB/GYN care.

Our dental care team offers general family dentistry for all—babies through senior patients welcome.

We also have behavioral health care—with social workers (MSWs) and psychologists (MA, MS or PhD). They can assist with access to psychiatric services, which are can be done on site by “tele psychiatry” which uses technology similar to Skype that is privacy protected.

A big difference in how WWFHC cares for you and your family are our community health workers/care managers. You may partner with a CHW to help figure out how you can better manage your health condition and be healthier. We offer classes about how to take care of yourself if you have a chronic condition like diabetes or high blood pressure.

Health Services in Michigan

Primary Care

WWFHC has physicians and nurse practitioners who can take care of people of all ages…from newborns to seniors. Our providers specialize in internal medicine, family practice, adult medicine and pediatrics. We have the right person to take care of you!


WWFHC takes care of women’s health needs for all ages. From birth control to prenatal care and delivery, cancer screenings, treatment of infections to menopause care, trust our doctors and nurse practitioners for all your OB/GYN care.


Our dental services include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • X-Rays
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Partials
  • Dentures
  • Emergency dental evaluations
  • Root canals

We offer dental services to children and adults, and accept all Medicaid and Healthy Michigan dental plans, as well as most other dental insurance plans. For people without dental insurance, we have a sliding fee scale for services that is based on your income. (Please note that root canals are not a covered benefit for Medicaid or Healthy Michigan, so if you have that kind of dental insurance, you will need to pay for the root canal(s). After you are evaluated by one of our dentists, the staff can tell you what the price will be, which needs to be paid for at the time of service. It is likely that our price will be less than other dental offices.)

School Based Dental Sealant Program

WWFHC, with a grant from the state of Michigan, can go to area schools and assess children from kindergarten through 7th grade for teeth risk of cavities and apply a dental sealant to prevent decay. If you are a school principal or other official at a school building that has at least 51% of students who qualify for free or reduced meals we may be able to schedule the program at your building. Email or call 734.941.4991 and ask to speak with the SEAL coordinator.

Integrated Health Care at WWFHC


Integrated Health Care at Western Wayne Family Health Centers provides medical, OB-GYN, pediatrics, behavioral health, and dental services. This integrative model represents a collaborative and fully integrated approach, where all providers work together to address your medical needs. The Behavioral Health service addresses how physical health affects your mental health and emotional well-being. Here at WWFHC, we have a team of behavioral health therapists and a psychiatrist to assist our patients with their mental health concerns. You can seek behavioral health services to learn coping skills to decrease anxiety, manage stress, address grief and loss, decrease symptoms of depression, and address past and present trauma/traumatic experiences.

Telepsychiatric Services

Our centers provide telepsychiatric services. This is in partnership with the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Wayne State University. After completing an assessment with one of our therapists, patients are able to connect with our psychiatrist through a computer (through an app like Skype) to be evaluated and prescribed for psychiatric medication needs, with their mental health professional in the room for support. The Psychiatrist collaborates with the WWFHC medical providers and therapists to address both  your medical and mental health needs. This “holistic” care means that we understand that your physical and mental health are often interconnected, we address all parts of your well-being.

Therapy at WWFHC

WWFHC has a team of behavioral health therapists, substance abuse therapists, and case coordinators. Patients that are seen by a medical provider at WWFHC, can be referred to a Behavioral Health Therapists to address acute symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, grief/loss, and trauma. For patients that have chronic and severe mental health needs, our Behavioral Health Therapist will assist in transferring mental health services to a higher level of care in the community.

There are Behavioral Health Therapists at all three sites – Inkster, Taylor, and Lincoln Park.  Please ask your medical provider how to be referred to behavioral health services.

Care Coordinators at WWFHC

Many times, what you need to take care of yourself is just a little support or ideas of other places in the community that can help you. Our Care Coordinators can do that. They can give you referrals for agencies that can help with other needs that effect your health, talk to you about eating better, stopping smoking or how to remember to take your medications. They are here to assist you to better manage your health and wellness. We offer many nutrition and disease management classes plus regular exercise sessions. At WWFHC, we know that there are many things that influence how you feel, and the care coordinators are ready to partner with you to take charge of your health.

Community Partners

Having good health takes more than just going to the doctor or dentist. Sometimes, families need help with other issues. WWFHC partners with other community organizations to help all community members get assistance with things like utility assistance, to transition out of nursing facilities to home, debt management, early childhood education, counseling, family violence, job placement, substance abuse treatment, case management for people with HIV, mental health and pretty much anything else you can think of. These organizations are good places to start with a large variety of your needs.

The Information Center
The Guidance Center
Wayne Metropolitan Community Action Agency
Starfish Family Services
Community Care Services
Hegira Programs, Inc.
Adult Well-Being Services
National Kidney Foundation of Michigan
Personalized Nursing LIGHT House